Franken Standenbouw standbouw Franken Sharon 6

I am responsible for the planning within the team of franken. That means: ensuring that everything and everybody is in the right location at the right time. That’s quite a challenge during busy periods. When all goes well, all pieces of the puzzle fit together fairly quickly and we score an ace. Yet, we are confronted with surprises from time to time. In such situations it is important to quickly and efficiently eliminate all obstacles so the team is able to finish the project on time. We then need a rugged rally to score.

At the end of a day’s work, I like to keep it relaxed: fun outings with my husband and friends, some catching up… As soon as the weather permits, I make my way to the tennis club: hitting a ball, a bit of healthy competition and then some chatting away on a cosy terrace until the wee hours.