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I started off with Franken over 25 years ago with a mission to create beautiful things which can be practical and useful at the same time. It all grew into something far bigger than I had possibly imagined. You could call me a creative generalist, someone who's constantly thinking out of the box. I love to see the company's heartbeat reflected in a briefing about the state of things. I love to see our designers turning words into images. I love the magic of a plan getting shape in our carpenters workshop. I admire our people, who give it their best shot when creating a stand. A lot of times we surpass ourselves by doing more than we have to, simply because we enjoy doing it so much. I relax by training my body and my voice. I love dancing and moving. My four kids have enriched my life and I feel privileged spending my life with an inspired woman by my side. I enjoy meeting special people as much as spending time alone.

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