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The stand

Vandeputte Savonnerie was founded 1887 and quickly became one of the major players in the soaps and detergents market. The company has one of thé most emblematic soap brands in its portfolio, but excels in developing new products for the private label market.

With 2,500 stands and approx. 12,000 visitors from 115 countries, the PLMA trade fair is the most important meeting place for those looking for new self-branded products to retail.

The stand designers’ brief was: use the 27 m2 stand space optimally to showcase our new products, show our complete range and highlight our Vandeputte ecological detergent producing expertise.

In the stand design, dancing bubbles served as the theme: they drew the visitor’s eye to the vertical back panels, where the star products were showcased. The back wall was adorned with small shelves showing the diverse product groups within a pop of colour. 

In the middle of the stand, surrounded by a half pillar and plants, a consultation area was set up, away from onlookers but close to the products and the bar. 

The intriguing showcase of colourful detergent packaging and playful bubbles worked exceptionally well. The Vandeputte Savonnerie stand had a never before seen amount of visitors and a record amount of new contacts were made. 

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