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The stand

A lot less is really a lot more

For Axalta Coating Systems, one of the biggest players in the world of colour, the latest edition of Polyclose was D-day to launch Alesta® Polar. This collection of powder coatings in 6 dark shades features Cool™ technology. It ensures that aluminium windows and facade sections reflect infrared radiation. To put it simply: even though it may be very hot outside, the building stays fresh inside thanks to Polar. The company also wanted to put its Colour Marketing services in the spotlight. Two ideas, and therefore a stand with two zones, which smoothly merge.

On the short wall, the advantages of the Polar collection are made clear in a single image: dancing colour lines lead the eye to a blow-up of ice cubes and the six available Polar shades. On the back, the colour lines continue into the second zone, which focuses on custom colours.

At the head of the stand, twelve mysterious pillars arouse the visitor's curiosity. The left group shows the six shades of Polar in a bath of ice, because their innovative formulation keeps this powder coating “COOL”. On the right side, the columns have been transformed into real jewellery cabinets. Each shrine shows a sample of Axalta’s know-how: sparkling, shimmering pieces of aluminium profile that enchant the eye with a fascinating play of colours.

‘Real ice?’ Visitors wanted to know more about this new coating which is apparently not affected even in extreme conditions. The dreamed trigger for the Axalta team to offer visitor an equally special cone of black ice cream and in the meantime give some explanation about the Polar range.


Our customers range from the largest global OEMs to SMEs. They all have one thing in common: the promise of Axalta quality. Our employees are committed to ensuring the best possible customer satisfaction by providing service and product support for every brand we market.

- Axalta,

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