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The stand

Alsico calls itself a faminational, a multinational driven by social and family values. They employ 7,000 people worldwide, including 126 in the Ronse headquarters. The company develops and produces a wide array of work clothing for various occupations, from waiters to surgeons and from roofers to lab analysts. At A+A, the industrial work clothing collection was the show piece.

At the 108m² stand, two elements draw immediate attention: a high wall covered in wood strips and moss and the 5 meter high trees at the stand entrance. Both symbolise the sustainable image of the Alsico collections: the company continually invests in environmentally friendly and sustainable solutions and also developed a cradle-to-cradle concept for work clothing. The stand design brief clearly stated: use recycled materials.

At the busy A+A show, a lot of space is needed to adequately converse with visitors. The Alsico stand had four high tables with stools on the ground floor and four tables and a lounge upstairs for more in-depth conversation. A long bar with Belgian beers on tap made sure dry throats were not part of the conversation.

Despite the large seating capacity the ground floor of the stand is still an open, inviting space: in a more secluded zone, speakers can inform visitors, without bottle-necking the flow of the stand.

Twenty mannequins showcase the variety of Alsico’s industrial work clothing production. The mannequins are dressed by the Alsico designer for A+A and are the visual theme from outside the stand. By arranging the mannequins in small groups, the stand has a spacious and open feel. Two large screens show the Alsico collections in more detail and give visitors a look into the production process.


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