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Hotels will be full in no time at all when a trade fair is about to happen. Did you leave it slightly too late and do you not want to spend around 800 euros on a comfortable room? Don't panic. You don’t have to sleep outside with this plan B:

  • View the metro and train line plan. Find which town areas or even towns are located further along. If everyone is searching and booking in the eastern part, see if there isn't anything in the western part. Our good friend Google Maps will show which hotels are close to a bus stop and will give an initial price indication.

  • Rent a van. Together on the road and together back home is not just great for team spirit, it will also ensure that everyone will be on time at the stand. Thanks to group transport, the action radius for finding available rooms at a reasonable price increases. The travel time can be used to brief the team or to sing fun songs together.

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