Franken Standenbouw standbouw Aanraken Moet

Forget the warning signs placed in museums at valuable pieces of art. The motto for the exhibition booth is “Touching is mandatory!”…

A toddler only learns to discover the world around him by using his hands: touching things, making them move, lifting stuff and looking at it from all sides… That learning mechanism continues to be active many years later. It is possible to tell someone a part is made of stainless steel 7.930. You can put it on display. But if you really want to make an impression, you just let a visitor feel what it means.

Every exhibition booth should actually have at least one spot where the visitor is able to interact with the product in a tactile manner and without any distractions. The person able to experience something for himself, finds it easier to establish a link between the product, properties and user benefits and the name of the brand or firm. In other words: touch points increase the memory value of your trade fair presentation.

An inviting touch point works like a speed bump: visitors in the aisle can see other people interacting with your product, they slow their pace and stick around to try it for themselves. And that is the perfect time to greet them friendly and to enter into a conversation.

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