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If you want to see birds, you can do two things: either you place yourself nice and cosy behind the kitchen window and wait patiently until a lost jackdaw or sparrow flies past or you visit the great outdoors with your binoculars and a camera. If you want to find new customers, your choice is very similar: either you stay behind your desk waiting until a customer approaches you or you go somewhere where those new customers can be found in huge numbers.
It goes without saying that the second option is by far the more interesting one, right?

Colossal concentration

People say all sorts of things about trade fairs, but one thing is irrefutable: it is a place where new (and existing) customers are colossally present. A lot more than what you can handle as an individual company. At a trade fair, you will reach people that you didn't even know that they existed. By being present at a trade fair, you systematically increase your customers widthwise and depthwise. Even when they do not immediately have specific purchasing plans.

Permanent impression

Regardless of how well your website has been designed and how beautiful your catalogue may be, they continue to be volatile media. They work on one or, at most, a few senses and do not take the reactions of the reader into account. You will be appealing to all the senses at the trade fair stand and you can adjust the communication continuously based on his or her reactions. This will ensure that the impression given resonates for a long time. The message is always to continue meeting each other.

Working on your future

Participating in a trade fair is to work on your future: not all contacts that you make at your stand will immediately lead to a deal. So you will have quite some work to do during the coming weeks and months. Sending information, producing quotations and following up, negotiating, etc. If you are lucky, you will be involved in this until it is time to prepare for the next trade fair participation.

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