Franken Standenbouw standbouw Afbouwers Geen Afbrekers

We, at Franken, are working just as carefully dismantling your booth as during its assembly. And we have good reasons to do so!

Stick around for an hour once the fair is finished and you will notice the difference really quick: many booths are recreated in no time into a cluttered (and perilous!) battlefield through which dozens of employees make their way forward between the collapsing walls. That type of chaos will not be witnessed at the booths of Franken and that’s no coincidence.

The first thing we teach new employees, is to be just as careful dismantling a booth as during its assembly. This means no slashing and smashing, but methodical and structured dismantling from top to bottom, and not the other way around.

Thoughtful dismantling offers nothing but advantages. It means safer working for our employees. The demolition waste and the costs to clear it away, are reduced to a minimum. And as the carefully dismantled parts are reused to the maximum extent, the ecological footprint of your booth will decrease.

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