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Booth holders busy tapping their smartphones have been one of visitors’ top 3 pet peeves for years. Every smartphone attracting booth holders’ attention - regardless what brand - is a potential source of annoyance. If you came all this way to have your questions answered, you don’t want the source of your information on the phone to others.

Here are 3 ways to avoid unnecessary annoyance about your smartphone use at your booth:

  1. customised voicemail: Adjust your voicemail to explain you aren’t as available for a few days because you’re at a trade show. Don’t forget to set an out-of-office e-mail as well.
  2. forwarding: Have all your (and your colleagues’) calls forwarded to one phone and have that manned by a receptionist who can answer FAQs.
  3. detoxing: Detox from all your social media during opening hours. Aunt Juliette’s strawberry tart recipe surely isn’t going anywhere. Pre-set LinkedIn or Twitter posts before the show and post during breaks.

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