Franken Standenbouw standbouw Foto Prettig Gestoord

Franken is never dull with our four in-house designers. Laura, Tatjana, Jo and Kevin each have their own projects to hatch. And like all things in life, sometimes things are easy breezy and other times a bit tougher. Especially hard when you start from an empty page and have to create something out of nothing.

You may have heard of our national motto: ‘Unity makes strength’. Would that work for creative designing? Of course! Our designers meet weekly for an informal brainstorming session. The ultimate goal: to inspire and challenge each other. Poke a bit of fun at each other. And mostly: help your colleagues. ‘Poking the bear’ as we call it around here.

The brainstorming sessions’ results speak for themselves: even better designs for your booth and showroom. Surprising ideas to convey your message. And a relentless energy at the drawing boards.

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