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A show booth without own lighting is like a lighthouse in camouflage colours: it’s there, but nobody can see it. To avoid your booth getting the cold shoulder from visitors, we pay extra attention to lighting when designing a booth: what kind of light does it need, what effect do we want to have on visitors and how can we make the light fittings fit in with the look & feel of the booth?

Generally, light in a booth has three or four important purposes: drawing attention, creating an atmosphere, showcasing products and suggesting a browsing direction.

  • drawing attention: Your company name, logo and slogan evoke visitor associations. That’s why it needs to be visible from a distance. By lighting them properly, visitors’ coin will drop: we should stop by because this looks promising.
  • creating an atmosphere: Your booth needs to be able to handle a tough negotiation one minute and a warm chat with a bite and a drink the next. We create the proper feel using indirect lighting, using brighter light in the work areas and more dimmed versions in the hospitality areas.
  • showcasing products: Your products are the stars at the trade show. Thanks to spotlights, your visitors’ eyes will involuntarily be drawn to your product. And this doesn’t only work on people from a distance, but also hooks those aimlessly wandering the aisles.

We at Franken, make sure to highlight your booth and products perfectly. We prefer using energy saving LED lighting. This gives off a bright white coloured light that optimally shows off other colours.

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