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Franken may be specialised in stand building, but we like to constantly push our limits. After all, creativity knows no borders. Our expert team designs and builds your stand, shop, office or showroom to your specifications. Custom projects are our cup of tea!

Our expertise
Are you an expert in your field and would you like the world to see it? Leave it to us! And if you haven't got a clear plan in mind, don't worry, we can develop one together!

No two spaces are the same. Some need to be in place for a few days only, while others should last for years. Most spaces are contemporary, others are unique. And they all have one thing in common: they look spectacular!

Our concepts are just as flexible as our designs. Everything can be set up and dismantled in the blink of an eye. Renting or buying, with or without transport … everything is possible!

Our spaces are a sure hit all over the world – from Europe to the US, the Middle East and Asia. Where possible, we personally take charge of the project. If this proves impossible, we can count on a network of reliable partners.

We aim to help build a greener and more sustainable world. That's why we create spaces with a limited carbon footprint.



The space we create together should represent what has made your organisation a success.

- Frank, general management & organisation


STEP 1: Preparation

Who, what, where, when and how? Everything starts with our manager Elisabeth, who is also our contact for all customer relations. She will discuss the possibilities with you and is your direct contact throughout the project.

STEP 2: Design

In the following phase, Charlotte, Laura, Jo and Kevin, our Project Managers, step in. They are often also involved in the design phase and will gladly answer all your questions about sizes, set-ups and colours. Has your own design agency or architect developed the stand of your dreams? Our Project Managers will turn it into a reality!

STEP 3: Production

Your stand is then produced in our large, well-equipped workshop. We produce and check virtually all parts of your space in-house. A bit like a good chef, who ensures a perfect mise en place.

STEP 4: Installation & dismantling

Finally, we install your stand at the trade fair. For large projects we rely on independent partners. Once the event is over, we carefully dismantle your stand and store the material in our warehouse. This allows for a smooth and carefree process, enabling you to focus on networking.