Persbericht 07/05/2020

Standenbouwer bundelt expertise met duurzame oplossingen van JuuNoo Franken richt...

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Grab a trend

Fashions and trends also change quickly in stand and showroom design. In our new...

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Unless you really like pillars ...

There are two kinds of people: those who are good in reading a plan and those who...

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Music at the stand? Don’t sing out of tune!

A little music at the stand? Sometimes that's a good idea. It creates a warm...

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We translate your ideas into creative solutions

We specialise in stand building, but we don’t stick to one single concept. Creativity is our mantra and no space is too tough for us. Design is our passion and you can count on our 
expert team for a unique design and a seamless implementation.

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Giving your brand the space it deserves

A strong brand is the result of a passionate approach and a great vision. Franken helps shape that vision with temporary and permanent spaces. We design and build your trade fair stand, showroom, shop, office or any other space that best suits your brand’s needs.

Our stands